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I have mostly succeeded in getting master and slave DNS servers operational. Mostly, because the zone file is not written when a zone is updated on the master server when the notify and transfer process happens.

The slave DNS server gets the changes to the modified zone, but the slave zone file remains as before. I’ve found a few tutorials and lots of discussions, many of which talk about the slave’s zone file getting written upon transfer, but none mention what configuration option would cause the slave’s files to get updated.

The master is on a Cantos 6 server and the slave is on a Cantos 7 machine.

Any ideas?


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  • does the named service have write access to the slave directory ? chown named.named /path-to-named/slave

    oh, is your slave chrooted? are you looking in the right directory, eg,
    /var/named/chroot/var/named/slave ?

  • Have you found a solution?

    Did u allow master dns server to update the slave in /etc/named.conf ?

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  • I am seeing the following in the log:

    Jan 13 12:08:44 g1 named[16370]: 13-Jan-2015 12:08:44.792 general: info: zone Transfer started. Jan 13 12:08:44 g1 named[16370]: 13-Jan-2015 12:08:44.885 xfer-in: info: transfer of ‘’ from connected using
    Jan 13 12:08:44 g1 named[16370]: 13-Jan-2015 12:08:44.948 general: info: zone transferred serial 112
    Jan 13 12:08:44 g1 named[16370]: 13-Jan-2015 12:08:44.948 xfer-in: info: transfer of ‘’ from Transfer completed: 1 messages, 38 records, 898 bytes, 0.063 secs (14253 bytes/sec)
    Jan 13 12:08:44 g1 named[16370]: 13-Jan-2015 12:08:44.949 notify: info: zone sending notifies (serial 112)

    Yet the slaves/ file does not get updated. There must be an option I am not setting correctly.

    Slave config:

    options {
    allow-notify { mas.ter.IPa.ddr; };
    allow-transfer { mas.ter.IPa.ddr; };

    Per zone:
    zone “” IN {
    type slave;
    file “slaves/”;
    masters { mas.ter.IPa.ddr; };

    Master config:

    options {
    allow-transfer {;; };
    also-notify {; };
    allow-update { none; };
    notify explicit;

    I also tried it with allow-update set to slaves IP address, even though I was sure that option was about dynamic DNS, not zone transfer to a slave. Of course that didn’t work either.


  • Neither of these are needed on slave servers.

    This is not needed on the master server, unless the slave is not listed in the zone, or if the salve is on a different IP to the on defined in the zone (e.g. if the slave is behind a NAT and DNS lists it’s NAT IP)

    You should check the permissions on the slaves folder to make sure named can write to it, also you should check if you have SElinux enabled, and if so check that the slaves folder is labelled as named_cache_t

    For example:
    [root@ns5 ~]# ll -Zd /var/named/slaves drwxrwx—. named named system_u:object_r:named_cache_t:s0 /var/named/slaves
    [root@ns5 ~]# ll -d /var/named/slaves drwxrwx—. 2 named named 4096 Jan 14 10:47 /var/named/slaves


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