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One of the things suboptimal with Marketplace images is that the author can limit which instance types are allowed with the AMI and there is no way to override that. We are using CentOS 6.8 for our deployments, but we need to move to the c4.8xlarge type, but that is not a permitted option for the
CentOS 6 (x86_64) – with Updates HVM” AMI. Is there any way we could get that image refreshed to support the largest image type? We really need the
10G networking for our application.

Thanks in advance


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  • I have yet to try this but I believe you can take a snapshot of the image after it is first installed.

    Then attach the snapshot to another VM and copy the data to a new volume.

    That new volume could then be used to create another AMI that you can deploy as you see fit.

  • I have done that, but the point of the request is that we would like to have an official upstream AMI that we can use as the basis for our work. I’m guessing that the reason for the blacked out instance type is that early 6.x kernels didn’t have the patches necessary to support 36 vCPU’s present in the c4.8xlarge instance.


  • Hi John

    I’ve asked the AWS MP folks to enable as many instance types in as many regions as possible. I am also pushing a new imageset across all regions this coming Monday, which would include all updates upto 31st Aug 2016
    applied in already.

    Would be awesome if you can test those once and let me know if they resolve this issue for you,

  • ​No sign of a new image and the existing “​
    CentOS 6 (x86_64) – with Updates HVM
    ​” still ​doesn’t support c4-8xlarge. Can you confirm this is still in process?