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I asked back in September:


and again in November:


about getting c4.8xlarge enabled for the official image in AWS Marketplace:


Now that the 6.9 release is coming, it would be nice to have that last checkbox enabled.

We want to be able to usethe 10G networking that c4.8xlarge instances provide and we want to base all of our images directly on the official CentOS6 release AMI.

Please advise if there is anything I can do to assist in this effort.


John Peacock

4 thoughts on - CentOS 6.9 AWS Images And C4-8xlarge

  • Can you try ami-500d8546 i us-east-1 and let me know if that works for the c4.8large ?

    I’ve asked, a few times, for the CentOS Linux images in AMP to be enabled for all instance types where the image will work. So if its not being enabled, there is a chance the image isnt suitable, and we should find out why.

  • My recollection is that the official AMI still ships kernel -431, which breaks during boot on large systems with multiple NUMA nodes, like c4.8xlarges. This kernel is extremely old, and ‘yum update’ is enough to make everything work.

    That used to be enough, and you could build an up to date AMI on top of the official one, but since they added the marketplace blacklist you need to roll your own AMI from scratch.

  • Initial testing shows that AMI to work with c4.8xlarge. We have very few resources in us-east-1, so I’m creating a snapshot then copying that to us-west-2 for further testing.



  • Yay! I’ve been very happy so far with CentOS 6.9, and am glad to see an AWS image for it that I can use for some testing.

    Nico Kadel-Garcia