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In short, many professionals from CentOS community would use EXT4. Even if XFS has a slight edge over it in some scenarios, It has caught up a lot with XFS and it’s THE file system supported by RHEL and Fedora. Remember that faster is not always better. The 6.3 kernel does support XFS and CentOS has the JFS tools in our extras directory, but should go with tried and true over experimental.

JFS is the primary file system for AIX on their big Power servers, and on those, it performs very very well. The utilities are are fully integrated so growing a file system is a one step process that takes care of both the LVM and JFS online in a single command.

ZFS on linux is still highly experimental and has received close to no testing. If you are in mood for experiments EL6.3 includes BTRFS as technology preview for 64bit machines. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.