How To Add Usb Driver To CentOS 6.4 LiveCD?

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I have 3 USB disk, 2 of them can not boot, because kernel does not have driver included.

But I can boot this 2 disk from CentOS 5.6 LiveCD.

How to add usb driver to CentOS 6.4 LiveCD?

I need a simple way.


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    You’ve got to be kidding, 3.5 floppies?? I cannot remember the last time I even held one – must be 5+ years ago – and no machine I’ve built in the last 7 years even has a 3.5 drive installed. CD-ROM / DVD just work fine (ATA) SATA has on occasion been a bit hit and miss, although not in recent years. As you say – usb flash sticks are so much more convenient, although they used to be a challenge to format and get a boot-able system installed.


  • I’ve got them sitting there so i might as well use them… costs nothing. USB and SD cards are not for permanent data storage. 3.5
    floppy aren’t brilliant but that’s an option for booting on.


  • the modern kernel and initramfs won’t fit on a 1.44MB floppy, how could you boot off it?

    -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 4045680 Jul 16 17:15
    -rw-r–r– 1 root root 16500723 Jul 27 10:39

    (thats a 4MB kernel and 16MB initramfs)

  • The original poster was asking… read it again. It was a problem I had and I
    used PLoP to boot from – the app can be put on a CD or floppy which is what I
    did as my CD/DVD ‘died’. One can use alternatives to boot from which appear to work from a floppy. A floppy may be old but can be put to use rather than throwing away which is almost what I did.