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I suppose, CentOS 7 ships with DVD and minimal version.

While the minimal version is just 700M, what makes the minimal along with a GUI about 4.3 GB.

Isint it too huge for an OS ?

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  • Remember that it is based on upstream. Anyway, there is a LOT of available software that various users might want, so that is where the space comes from. Minimal is just that; the minimum needed to get a working install.

  • All the extra packages, libs, etc that are needed to support the GUI, plus the extra apps that are available to run in the GUI (such as LibreOffice, FireFox, etc).

    ummmm, no?


  • Yep, This is true, If I look at Fedora Gnome for example, which also ships all these(browser,libre, gnome etc), the final DVD version is just about 1.2 GB. That is what surprises me.

  • redhat (CentOS) ships lot’s of stuff. you don’t really need to install
    *everything* unless you have very specific needs..

    2016-02-03 8:15 GMT+02:00 Ramaseshan :

  • I pretty much always install the ‘minimal’ ISO then install the specific packages I need with yum.

    lots of reasons, not the least, yum updates run faster when it doesn’t have to apply updates to 1000s of packages you’re never using.

  • You’re comparing apples to oranges. The Fedora images are live DVD, please note that CentOS also offers live DVD images which are 1.2 and
    1.7G for GNOME and KDE respectively (for CentOS 7). The installation DVD not only contains *both* GNOME and KDE (each live DVD image only contains one of these), but also other programs that are not on the live DVD.


  • The whole confusion was, instead of downloading the Live DVD install, I
    downloaded the DVD version, and made the default installation option
    (overlooking it) and it gave me only a minimal install by default.

    So it was nothing but a silly mistake, I am sorry about it.

    Didnt quite realize it.