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It started off by being a great place to share qa content and let people track progress. But over the years, and with every passing release, its become lesser and lesser important.

As of today, is now deprecated and is being decomissioned. The url will still respond and redirect people to a page that explains the situation.

In the mean time, we are kicking off a stream of efforts to try and get better test coverage, more automation, more frequent test runs and above all – better communication to everyone on what the test results are, while further dropping the barriers for people to come along and write tests, help us push better code.

Two efforts currently underway are getting a status like page online, that also shows recent history ( ref:
) and getting the Linux test project content included in the regular test suite that we run ( ref: and )

How can you help ? Drop in on those conversations and talk to us, help us put in place the best possible solution. Contribute time by helping write more kickstart files, contribute tests and maybe even setup a test run environment in your facility that feeds back restults to our status tracker! Lots of opportunities for people to get involved with the CentOS QA and Development process.

And as always, we are here to help with answers to questions or concerns you might have. Look at the page for details on how you can engage with everyone else in the CentOS Community.