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while upgrading a kvm virtualization cluster from c6.4 to c6.5
and i am no longer able to control the migration speed.

in c6.4 the default speed was the maximum bandwidth (1g in my case)
and the actual migration speed was about 100MB/s.

now in c6.5 the actual migration speed dropped down to about
25MB/s – 50MB/s, it varies and sometimes during migration of huge machines (36GB) i was at 100MB/s, but only for seconds.

i tried also to set speed using this command:

virsh migrate-setspeed –bandwidth 1000

but it seems it has no affect, i remember in c6.3 the default migration speed was 33% of total bandwidth and at that time the above command worked and 100% were used during migration.

can anyone confirm this ??

thanks ulrich

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