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after applying the updated rpms from advisory 2015:X002 i am having problems with libvirtd, and with virt-manager.

if i run libvirtd in the foreground and look at the error messages, the error i see is
2015-01-29 04:45:27.342+0000: 6477: error : virDBusGetSystemBus:1742 : internal error: DBus support not compiled into this binary

and virt-manager is unable to connect to the hypervisor. this started after i applied the subject patches.

is this an issue with the recent versions of libvirt?
anybody else seeing this behavior?

btw – system is CentOS 6.6, kernel 3.10.63-11.el6.CentOS.alt.x86_64

thanks in advance.

3 thoughts on - Libvirt Errors After Applying RPMS From 2015:X002

  • Hmm, weird, it works OK for me..

    What hypervisor are you trying to use? Xen? KVM ?

    I’m using the same kernel with Xen 4.4.1 rpms.

    — Pasi

  • Thanks for the info.

    I am trying to connect to the Xen hypervisor, via a localhost connection defined in the virt-manager configuration.

    here is the detail provided in the error dialog:

  • What does “virsh version” command say ?

    Do you have selinux in enforcing mode? Try “getenforce” command.

    — Pasi