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My laptop is a Dell XPS-13 running CentOS 7.  It has a 13″ 1920×1080
screen and it’s a bit difficult for my mid-40s eyesight.  Fedora and Debian, on this laptop, give me the option of choosing 1600×900 which is much easier for me to read but CentOS doesn’t show this resolution as available.

I followed the steps I found in a post on stackexchange using xrandr, substituting 1600×900 where applicable and it worked but, once I
rebooted, it went back to 1920×1080 with no 1600×900 option in settings-display.

Is there a way I can add 1600×900 resolution the list of available resolutions in settings-display?



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  • Bit of a generic answer, and not a solution, but the problem for you isn’t the resolution, it is the DPI you have set, isn’t there a way for you to change the DPI without losing out on the quality of the screen?

  • I have no idea how.  All I can find is the Hi-DPi settings in Gnome-Tweak but, of course, it only lets  me choose to scale from “1” to
    “2” which makes things way too big.


  • You can put the xrandr command in your .xinitrc if you boot into text mode. I’m sure there’s a place to put it for booting into GUI mode as well, though I’m not sure of the location.

    You can also play around with .Xdefaults–sometimes, setting dpi can help. For example, my yoga2 has, in .Xdefaults


    Which increases font size.

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  • It’s better to not top post if possible. :)

    There is an xrandr scale command as well. If for example, your output is eDP1 then xrandr –output eDP1 –scale .8x.8

    The smaller the scaling, the larger the size, so I think that .5x.5 would be what the tweak tool is offering.

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  • Thanks for the help.

    I’ve got it working now.  What I ended up doing was adding video=1600×900 to my boot / kernel command line to test and then appended it in my grub menu.

    I screwed around with font scaling with Gnome Tweak and also in about:config of Firefox and Thunderbird but there was always something that looked funny and some webpages didn’t come out right.

    setting my resolution to 1600×900 is a cheesy, yet effective, way to do get what I need.

    …Now if I can just get my touchpad to FRICK’N disable while typing.


  • Sean Smith wrote:

    If/when you do, *PLEASE* post the solution. If you’re a manager, or gamer, I guess touchpads are great. If you’re *typing*, they’re dreadful, that’s where the ball of my thumb goes.


  • Okay, got the “disable touchpad while typing” thingy working.

    Here’s what I did:

    Install dconf-editor if you haven’t already.

    Then, from a console (not as su), run:

    dconf write /org/gnome/desktop/peripherals/touchpad/disable-while-typing true

    This seems to have worked for me.

    Good luck,