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I have run into what can only be described as a farce but one that is outside my control and which I need fixed.

I am informed that my cell phone service provider, Bell Canada, will not allow any email messages from a user id ‘root’ to pass through their email to sms text gateway. Now, I send alerts out from cron and other system monitoring software and these all go out as root@host.domain.tld.

Is there any way to configure the outgoing address to be something else? Or do I have to rename the root user to get around this nonsensical, and utterly useless, restriction imposed by my provider?

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  • vi /etc/aliases

    Edit entry at bottom of file:

    # Person who should get root’s mail
    #root: marc

    Execute newaliases as root or sudo

  • First, are you sure that the @host.domain.tld is really included for root? If you are relying on sendmail’s ‘MASQUERATE_AS’, you have to make sure that you remove root from the EXPOSED_USER default setting.

    Otherwise see ‘man 5 crontab’ for how to set MAILFROM, or if you are mailing in a script, construct the headers yourself and use ‘sendmail
    -t’ to use them instead of using the unix user as the sender.

  • That worked on CentOS-6 but does not on CentOS-5. I have rearranged things to run the tests solely from CentOS-6 boxes and using MAILFROM
    has circumvented the problem. Bell Canada is still ‘working on a solution’.