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The alpine mail rpm indicates that it comes packaged with configuration files (/etc/pine*conf*). However, they aren’t there. Possible?

Also, how did you get rid of the annoying alpine bug: a message that keeps flashing – [Folder vulnerable – directory /var/spool/mail must have 1777


Max Pyziur pyz@brama.com

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  • I got it from @epel repositories:
    Installed Packages alpine.x86_64

    It seems fairly common in the Fedora/CentOS realm to rely on packages from other key repositories. Rackspace recommends installing yum repo files for CentOS.

    As for (al)pine, it’s an easier mail client (for me) than mutt.

    On CentOS 5, installations of the alpine rpm included the /etc/*conf files.

    Max Pyziur pyz@brama.com

  • Max Pyziur wrote:
    I *really* think you ought to ask in those repos, or alpine’s mailing list. What’s bothering me is it asserting that the “folder vulnerable”, then saying that it needs to be world-read/writeable; ours are all 775.


  • Ok, then.

    I find the “users” list on fedoraproject challenging.

    The stated vulnerability is a known bug in alpine, and it has been there for a long time. Many lists have complaints about it, but it doesn’t seem to get the attention of the developers/maintainers.

    Likewise, ours are set to 775, inboxes set to 600 (that way dovecot doesn’t complain).

    Thank you for your help.


  • Max Pyziur wrote:

    Heh, heh. We can be touchy, here, too… but when someone comes in who’s actually read manpages, and googled, before coming here – in other words, they don’t expect us to do their jobs, just help them do it, we usually try to help.

    Oh. Right. Fixing bugs isn’t “sexy”, esp. when it’s an annoying invalid message. I wish upstream would do something about that annoying complaint in my logfiles about “hung task” that tells me how to turn it off….

    Sounds good to me.

    Sorry I couldn’t help more.


  • […]

    Aggressiveness is less of an issue. Getting good signal (relative to ad-hominem noise) is important.

    Twenty years ago, Usenet with a good reader got big/thick signal, especially on the tech lists.

    However since then, projects have become numerous and varied, as have sources of information (email lists, web-based discussions, etc). Finding good, clear, authoritative, and consistent “signal” is difficult, especially when you find yourself in a jam.

    And Usenet is effectively gone.




  • Max Pyziur wrote:

    It’s still there. And some newsgroups are still busy, though not like in the good days of the early nineties.

    mark, Big 8 newsgroup co-creator, ret’d

  • I cribbed mine from a prior release from another machine of mine, and dropped them in /etc.

    One favorite of mine is being able to -Z out of a program. The default installation of alpine, with no *.conf files, wouldn’t allow that. Now, I can.

    Max Pyziur pyz@brama.com

  • [….]

    Indeed, alas! But there is Gmane, which is a huge help, especially for those of us who are still (and doubtless irremediably)
    subtechnoid. In particular, point your reader (Let’s hear it for Pan, too!
    ) at news.gmane.org, and look at fedora.general.