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Hello, I would like to know which ARM processors does CentOS support? Does it support Freescale/NXP?
Thanks and regards Jay

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  • To give you a proper answer, I’d need to know if you’re looking for
    64bit arm (aarch64/arm64) support or 32bit armhfp support.

    Assuming 64bit, we support Applied Micro’s X-Gene family of processors, Cavium’s ThunderX, as well as Qualcomm’s QDF 24xx line. We maintain support for the AMD Seattle SoC as well, but that doesn’t appear to be getting updates that I know of.

    We do not currently support the NXP/Freescale line, but if someone wants to supply patches I’m happy to add them in.

  • If you are interested in the Freescale Wandboards, the uboot is available and should work.

    You will need to start with the Cubietruck image, but grab the uboot rpm and pull out the proper Wandboard uboot.

    Direct your question to the CentOS-arm list:

    And I can help you there. I have not worked with the Wandboards, but am familiar with them.