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Dear All,

because the organization I work for has to enter the 21 century eventually, and encouraged by the the excellent wiki’s available, I’m giving Xen a try.

I’ ve tested setting it all up but I have this question concerning making backups.

i’ ve noticed that virsh snaphot-create does not work, and googling this, I can find many posts describing making backups with rbackup, lvm , dd, ….

The thing is there is not always a date with these posts and articles, so before I dig into this:

Is this still the way this is done, or is there now a more straightforward way to backup ( Xen ) vm’s?

Many thanks for any advise.

Greetings, J

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  • XenServer != Xen. these directions won’t work for Xen4CentOS.

    You probably want to put your VMs disk images on logical volumes (LVM), leave some empty space ont eh volume group, then use LVM snapshots, mount the snapshots in the dom0 and take your backup off of those. A
    good program which I have recently come across for taking the actual backup is BackupPC.