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Hi list, another question about bacula, but this time about restoring backups.

I’ve a server that I must backup every day. My plan is:

from mon to sat incrimental backup and on sunday full backup.

When I will perform a restore I must restore from last valid full backup and then all valid incremental backup from last backup to specific date.

This server has aweb managed application where user can update data or delete data.

Suppose that after a full backup, on monday the user upload a file and incrimental backup is performed. On tuesday the user remove the uploaded file and backup is performed.

Suppose that I want perform a restore of these jobs. I restore full, mon-incr and I found on restore path file uploaded on monday. When restoring tuesday incr (where the uploaded file was not present), on restore path I will found the uploaded file or bacula remove it with tuesday incremental backup restore?

Sorry but today I can’t try this due to time issue.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi, there,

    One issue – how long does a full backup take? We’ve moved our full b/u from the default to Fri? Sat? Not at work at the moment, but that way if it takes six or twelve hours, no big deal.


  • Il 19/10/2016 13:52, mark ha scritto:

    Hi Mark, full backup at the moment (with low data) takes about ~ 10min.

    Before production stage, I’ve tested with 180 GB (the maximum size for data due to disk limit) and takes ~ 2 hours.

  • Don’t know about bacula, but with amanda you restore to the state that existed as of a particlar date. Restore as of Sunday or Tuesday the file is not in the restore.