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Hi, I am running CentOS6-5 on dell620 blades. mirrored local root drives several (including home) mounted filesystems.

The other blades are working fine. Top indicates the server is running 1% cpu, and very little memory (idleing)
There is no error in the messages file There is no amber lights on the server.

When I log into my server it is fine, on my remote mounted home directory. When I cd to root (local disk) and I type ls it just hangs.

I ran top, the system is basically idle I ran ifconfig and everything looks good. when I ran df -h it hangs

when I run ls on my home directory it is fine when I run ls on my root directory it hangs when I run df -k it hangs

I can go into any remote mounted directory and everything works fine.

any suggestions.

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  • The OP said the hanging issue is only impacting local filesystems, not network.

    Did you check your logs and dmesg for interesting error messages?


  • 2014-09-18 0:41 GMT+03:00 Dan Hyatt :

    update all firmwares to latest release?

    sounds a bit like broken raid controller.