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Hi all,

A year or two ago, I installed CentOS 7.0 (or 7.1) on an old MacBook Pro, and compiled the Broadcom drivers as documented here:

After not using it for a while, I recently resurrected it, and updated to 7.4. Unfortunately that page has not been updated in a while, so only documents compiling for 7.3. When I try the patch, it fails on one of the hunks (I don’t have the exact error, I can grab it later if important).

Has anyone had success with this on CentOS 7.4, either with this compile, or the one documented by ELRepo (which I haven’t tried yet)?


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  • I decided to give this a go, and so far so good. I did need to rebuild the rpm after updating the kernel version from the previous one to the current one, but from the page above it sounds like that’s reasonably expected.


  • Thanks Gary! I should have seen that (and there was another thread about Broadcom on the list too). Fortunately this laptop doesn’t have Secure Boot (it’s a MBP from 2010) so that didn’t bite me.

    I do seem to have an issue that when waking on suspend the wifi won’t come back up. But I haven’t done enough troubleshooting to provide any helpful debugging information, and I may not care anyway (the “laptop”
    is basically my desktop system).


  • Sorrym, but I can’t help you with this one. I don’t use suspend on this or any laptop. One of my users does with her Win7 laptop and it causes no end of grief. However, apparently shutting down properly every time is “so much hassle”