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I’ve used Brothers printer driver installer tool to install drivers on C7 for a DCP7650DN. Cups thinks printing is working fine, but nothing ever arrives at the printer: the printer remains asleep.

Looking at some of the setup instructions for the brother driver, it looks as if it wants a symbolic link of /etc/init.d/cups to /etc/init.d/lpd. neither of those exists in a systemd system, so I’m at somewhat of a loss regarding what to do.

Or, maybe there’s some other problem entirely that I haven’t yet stumbled upon.

Suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance!


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  • I’ve had nothing but problems with printing from CentOS 7 (see my previous thread about this matter) and eventually gave up and use one of my CentOS 6 computers as a print server instead of this one.

    Having said that, can you dig a ppd file out of that Linux installer you downloaded from the brother website? Perhaps that’s all you need to install.

  • I’m a big fan of brother printers since they support linux, so I have a CentOS 7 install but had not done anything with printing, here is what I did.

    yum install cups system-config-printer go to the brother support page and download both the lpr rpm and the cupswrapper rpm install both rpm packages

    Then drop to a command line a do a system-config-printer, depending on how new or old the model is it may auto discover, mine did. If not hit the + sign and add a printer, click on network and then enter the ip address of the printer and it should discover it, compete the information by selecting the correct brother drive etc and then hit print test page.

    Hopefully I didn;t leave anything out but that is what I did and I am up and printing, hope it helps :)

  • me too!

    I’ll give it a whirl.

    I followed their (Brother’s) manual install instructions to install a driver for that same device on C6, and it worked fine. I’ve used their installer program on F20 (two systems) and it worked fine. I
    also used it on C6 at work and it worked fine. So, given that track record I figured it would probably work on C7. :(

    So I’ll go try your method and will respond once I have results.



  • following-up on my own posting, can you tell me what choices you made in System-Config-Printer? IPP? LPD? something else?


  • *snip*

    Sure so start system-config-printer not as root, when it opens up, click on the + then select network printer, on the left hand side it should come up with a dialog search window, then enter the IP address and hit the search icon and it should discover the device, in most cases I use the Appsocket/HPJetdirect option, then go next pick the correct dirver and finish up.

    Then hopefully you have a working printer :)

  • thanks Tom!

    I just discovered that I did NOT have glibc.i686 installed, and the Brother binaries are 32-bit binaries. oops.

    so I installed glibc.i686 and voila!

    Looks as if I won’t need to try your recipe, but thanks a lot for the info, anyway!