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we have CentOS 5.6 on DELL server. I tried to use SSH login to server and failed:

ssh oracle@ora10
oracle@ora10’s password:
Read from remote host ora10: Connection reset by peer Connection to ora10 closed.

I have not problem login as “root” or other users.

Is it possible too many processes run by “oracle” and don’t allow me login.

I check server current have 2000 oracle processes running.

$ ps -ef|grep oracle|wc -l

anyone know how to fix this issue?


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  • very possible this problem cause by /etc/security/limits.conf.

    the entry are:

    oracle soft nproc 2047
    oracle hard nproc 16384

    ps -ef|grep oracle|wc -l is 2000. Very close to 2047.

    Can I increase number to 3000 or more?

    If I increase number on limits.conf, do I need reboot to make it affect?


    — 13/2/27 (三),Les Mikesell 寫道:

  • You obviouslly have local access to the server, be worth checking what root users limits are as well

    ulimit -Sn && ulimit -Hn
    su – oralce
    ulimit -Sn && ulimit -Hn
    ulimit -n xxxxx now
    ulimit -Sn && ulimit -Hn

    no need to reboot…