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Firefox used to render

  1. ……………..
  2. as

    a. ……………

    Now it does not. The HTML 4.1 spec at http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/struct/lists.html#type-values

    says use CSS instead.


          used to work in the CentOS 5 supplied Firefox. Now OL produce digits instead.

          http://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_ol_type.asp states

          “Differences Between HTML 4.01 and HTML5
          The type attribute of the

            element is no longer deprecated in HTML5.”

            If something is “deprecated” it is supposed to work until it is withdrawn or cancelled.

            Is Firefox’s inability to render

              a bug or a very annoying irritation especially as I have hundreds of hand-coded pages using it ?


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  • Hi Rob,

    Thanks for your help. Clarity in English is increasingly important especially as the USA’s gobbledygook English has replaced chunks of England’s proper English.

    After reading your contribution I did another Google on “html 5 ol” and found


    which states, inter alia,

    “The start attribute on the ol element was deprecated in a previous version of HTML, but is no longer deprecated, as it has meaning and is not simply presentational.”

    The web page then gives these examples:-

    “” type = “1” or “a” or “A” or “i” or “I” “”

    This HTML 5 syntax suggests to me OL was never actually withdrawn or cancelled from HTML 4.1 thus Firefox should continue to render it properly according to the HTML 4.1 specification and, importantly, being aware that OL is definitely established in the HTML 5 specification.

    My question is: Is the lack of rendering in FF a bug, a fault or an error ?

    Best regards

  • Latest Konqueror = 2005 from KDE 3.5.4-26.el5.CentOS.1 Red Hat


      as digits. Its also got a bad rendering fault with some CSS items (cuts the top off).

      Last Chromium = 2011

      “Suspension of the maintenance announcement

      I won’t update Chromium binary rpms any more, because Chromium-14 hits a bug in binutils that CentOS/RHEL 64bit edition has. Actually I had built
      32bit version of Chromium-14 with my modification, so if I provides special tool-chain for building it on 64bit edition, I can continue to maintenance probably. However I think binaries that are built on my own tool-chain are no longer for CentOS-5. So I suspend the work until the bug is fixed in CentOS/RHEL.”

      The links do not exist.

      Suppose I will have to locate all

      and manually changed them :-( I just wish HTML and the browsers would remain stable !

      Best regards,

  • => ul.circle {list-style-type:circle}
    => ul.square {list-style-type:square}
    => ol.upper-roman {list-style-type:upper-roman}
    => ol.lower-alpha {list-style-type:lower-alpha}

    Thank you for your very suggestion. I shall enthusiastically explore it.

    Every day I continue to learn.