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Further to my very recent concerns that

    gives digits. type=”a” was “depreciated” in HTML 4.1. “depreciated”
    means to me to be of a lesser value or to be prepared it may be abandoned. It does not, in my version of English English, mean removed from the HTML specification. Therefore it should function ‘normally’ in modern browsers like FF.

    HTML 5 has officially resurrected it.

    I now discover that

      also produces digits.

      Where should a BUG report be filled ? With CentOS, the provider of Firefox ESR 24.3.0, or its parent Red Hat ?


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  • The word in the spec is certainly “deprecated”. No “i”. Depreciated is a different word.

    It works here. I tested with this document:


    1. Hello
    2. World

    The Mozilla Bugzilla: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/

    But first, be sure of your facts. I suspect Firefox isn’t the problem.

  • Thank you. You are correct :-)

    I copied your code and ran a test which produced the correct results. I
    ran another test with embedded OL and again it worked properly, much to my surprise.

    Have cancelled that bug report. I’m glad its not a bug. Just need to discover the cause.

    Thank you very much for your extremely useful assistance.