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Good day,

Installed CentOS 6.3 live-cd. Looking good but * no internet connection * (wired dsl system).

Other linux flavours do not seem to have this problem on my laptop and internet connection.

Did a lot of google but not really advice that I could try.

I would like to try CentOS out but not able to proceed without connection.

Kindly some detailed advice if possible.

Thanks JohanS

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  • Johan Scheepers wrote:
    When I was using dsl about two years ago, I had to run something – sorry, not at home, so I can’t look up what I did. Then there was the WPA_supplicant, also. Maybe (and I hate to suggest it) you might try NetworkManager.


  • Thanks for your reply…

    On install there was a option at left hand bottom for Internet connection on some page. It was grayed out and had no effect on clicking. Where would this be found, please…

    “Automatically connect”-check box in the network manager for you connection?

    What would this mean..

    plain vanilla install

    Clean re-install would be no problem for me to get this going.
    I spend a lot of bandwidth (live-cd, netinstall, DVD1, DVD2) and time until now. Kindly some advice to look for while installing and directly afterwards, please.

    Thanks JohanS

  • This could mean the live-install didn’t recognize your network card.

    Are we talking wireless or wired connections now?

    So far I haven’t seen a wired network card *not* being recognized out-of-the-box. Wireless card are a different matter, although it might’ve become better in CentOS 6.

    A regular standard install with no extra bells or whistles.

    You know, if we’re talking wifi-networking on your computer, CentOS might not be the best choice (please List, forgive me for saying this..). You might be better off using something like Linux Mint instead.


  • Thanks for your reply.

    The installation was a DVD1 install. The internet is via a direct cable out of my laptop direct to a DSL modem. Even tried my cell-c modem (cell phone provider) which works on all the below OS’ses.

    I am a pensionar and have lots of time. Experimenting with different flavours of linux each on a external USB drive. Like suse, mandriva, debian, mint, debian-mint, ubuntu, fedora, magaia, bodhi, arch-linux, CentOS.

    Up to date only arch-linux and now CentOS refuse my internet connection. I appreciate your responses but if it can not be done, that is a pity, then it is fine. Regards JohanS

  • Johan,

    What kind f laptop is it (make/model), if the Ethernet controllers is Atheros you will need the drives from ElRepo as it is not included in CentOS.

    $ lspci | grep Ethernet
    05:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR8151 v2.0
    Gigabit Ethernet (rev c0)

  • Earl,

    Laptop…Samsung RF510

    johan@johan:~$ lspci | grep Ethernet
    05:00.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Yukon Optima
    88E8059 [PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Controller with AVB] (rev 11)

    Maybe we have a solution?

    Thanks JohanS

  • Good day to Sorin and Earl,

    Appreciate your participation.

    Eventually got it installed on my older Fujitso/Siemenns laptop. The DVD1 did see the card but refused to activate. Yes I have the time but not the know-how to rewrite “bad” software. CentOS software not as user friendly as I expected. Will now move on.

    Now busy downloading Fedora 18 Beta. Yesterday got a Linux Mag with a DVD containing Mint 13 KDE, Bohdi 2, Pear 5. Saw on the mailing list that Debian wheezy Beta4 now available. Will download and test. Have plenty to keep me busy.

    Thankyou for your time to let me have a look see. Regards JohanS.

  • Some “parting words”; If you decide to go the Mint way, I suggest you use the LTS (Long Time Support)-version (currently v14; Maya), it will be supported with updates till 2017 IIRC. It’s almost as good as CentOS

    Happy Linuxing!