13 thoughts on - CentOS 6.4 Release Date.

  • I just checked the mirrors this morning and nothing has shown up for 6.4.

    Did something major delay the release?

  • Thanks Miguel.

    It looks like some of the mirrors are days behind. I just happened to check a couple that were.

  • FWIW, I’ve been running CR and haven’t seen much–however, I was surprised that I hadn’t seen redhat-release rpm. So, I ran yum clean all, and then got a bunch of updates for 6.4.

  • An user pointed out that some mirrors have 6.4 files few days ago, so I
    checked. I started from US mirror list from the top, and in first 10-15
    mirrors about 1/3 had 6.4 folder, with 3 distinct dates, March 6th, March 7th (same time, timezone diff maybe) and I think some where even March 8th.

    I though I posted query about it in CentOS-devel list, but it managed to sent it from my main mail account, that I do not use for mailing lists any more, so it got rejected.

  • We don’t release redhat-release in CentOS at all … we have CentOS-release instead.

    We also don’t release CentOS-release into CR, only in the new version’s main tree. Anaconda (the package that installs CentOS) and CentOS-release are the only packages from the new version that normally are not installed in the CR. Getting a new CentOS-release is how you know you are updated to 6.4 and not running 6.3/CR.

    In this case, there were a couple of other packages in 6.4 on release day that were not released into 6.3/CR, but this is because the packages are updates to 6.4 and were released the same day we released 6.4. They are:

    ipa-3.0.0-26.el6_4.2.src.rpm qemu-kvm- ruby- tzdata-2012j-2.el6.src.rpm xulrunner-17.0.3-2.el6.CentOS.src.rpm

    The reason these did not go into 6.3/CR is that CentOS 6.4 was released before we built them. Since CentOS-6.4 is released, there will be no more updates posted in 6.3 CR.

    This would mean that if you were on a fully updated 6.3/CR and upgraded to 6.4, you would expect to see all the RPMS associated with the above 5
    SRPMS, as well as CentOS-release and anaconda.

    Thanks, Johnny Hughes

  • I figured that, but I now have an /etc/redhat-release saying 6.4, as does

    My CR was probably not fully updated–I probably check for updates about once every two weeks, but there was a relatively large one a little while ago.

    Thanks for the clarification.