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I am trying to install a CentOS 6.4 x86_64 VM using a CentOS 5.9 x86_64
host, but its install has froze *twice*. What I am doing is to create a
10gig LVM volume, which I put a MS-DOS partition table on (using fdisk). I then format the only partition to ext3, install grub and install the pxeboot kernel and initrd.img and a simple grub.conf to load this.

I have the CentOS 6.4 x86_64 ISOs mounted (via loop) and exported as NFS file systems:

3.6G 3.6G 0 100% /CentOS64i386/1
1.1G 1.1G 0 100% /CentOS64i386/2
4.1G 4.1G 0 100% /CentOS64x86_64/1
1.4G 1.4G 0 100% /CentOS64x86_64/2
sauron.deepsoft.com% sudo exportfs

I am able to boot up the installer and have it NFS mount the first DVD
and things go fine util it installs selinux-policy-targeted-3.7.19-195.el6.noarch. The VM is busy for a while, then the CPU usage goes to zero and it just sits there.

What am I doing wrong?

This worked just fine with the 32-bit version of CentOS 6.4.

Is it because some package from the second disk is needed? Do I have to create a merged version of the DVDs? Or is something else wrong?

Screenshot available here:

And the VM’s defination is here:

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  • At Thu, 21 Mar 2013 20:54:04 -0400 Robert Heller wrote:

    OK, I managed to install the VM. I did a ‘Minumal-Desktop’ install and then installed the 300+ additional packages after the ‘Minumal-Desktop’
    completed and the VM rebooted (I used the package list from the 32-bit
    ‘Development-Workstation’ install I did earlier). I still don’t know why selinux-policy-targeted-3.7.19-195.el6.noarch caused the install to go off into never-never land… There was no problem doing a
    ‘Development-Workstation’ install of the 32-bit version. My *only*
    guess was the 1gig was not enough RAM for selinux-policy-targeted post-install script with large number of installed packages, but there were no error messages, so I really don’t know what was going on.