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I’ve install yum-cron on a new CentOS 7 host and after a recent update I
am now getting daily repeating emails about that update instead of the single notification I was expecting. Does anyone know what’s going on?


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  • By default, yum-cron just downloads updates but does not install them, so the e-mail you receive shows a list of updates waiting to be applied. If you want it to do that you must change “apply_updates” in
    /etc/yum/yum-cron.conf from “no” to “yes”.

  • The same feeling here. It feels like every new release of Windows always feels: everything is so different, and you need to go through rather steep learning curve just to learn how to find necessary tools. Which in case of Windows appears to be mere re-shuffling of the same old tools. Of course, RHEL/CenOS are different…

    Just not sure: should I add “rant” tags, or sent it as is ;-(


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  • In this case, the ‘yum-cron’ functionality was absorbed by the Yum project. In el6, yum-cron was an external project. The new functionality has a bunch of extra features (such as only installing security updates) but errs on the side of caution by only downloading by default.

    I don’t see why you’d bother, it’d be entirely redundant.