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I’ve been googling, but haven’t come up with a satisfactory answer to the question of how I permanently turn off wifi on a workstation or server
(which are *all* hardwired).

I see I can turn wifi off… but I don’t know that it’s permanent.


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  • wifi on a server?!? never ever seen such a thing.

    and any wifi on a desktop workstation that I’ve ever seen has been on a pci-e card.

  • John R Pierce wrote:

    No, not that *any* of them have it on, it’s that NM is factory-set to try to bring it up. Which is obviously annoying. Having to turn off avahi-daemon is another of my annoyances.


  • I know you’ve brought this up before, though I can’t find any instance where you’ve specifically included the wifi related log entries.

    However, on a quick look, I don’t see any noise in any logs from CentOS
    7 hosts. All of the hosts I’ve checked use NetworkManager, and NetworkManager-wifi is installed. Have you considered that the noise in your logs is there *because* you’re removing NetworkManager components?
    Maybe set up a test host with a default configuration, make changes individually and slowly, and try to determine at what point the log noise starts.

  • I actually have, for a remote, solar-powered setup where there was no fiber or other infrastructure to the system. Server was a sensor platform. But networking is networking, regardless of the particular layer 1 in use.

    I’m running a few workstation setups with USB WiFi NICs. These are again due to some odd infrastructure restrictions where running cable
    (UTP/ScTP or fiber) was impractical or cost-prohibitive. Or in one case where cable simply could not be run at any price due to not being able to disturb properly encapsulated asbestos.