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I just updated a server that’s running CentOS 7. I do have elrepo enabled, because this Rave computer has four early Tesla cards.

It won’t boot. Nor can I get it to boot with either of the other two kernels, and I’ll be the one that worked was erased.

*Once* it complained that it couldn’t fsck the large filesystem (IIRC, it’s XFS). The other four-five times, I get pNFS something Dependency, failed, systemd freezing execution.

So far, I’m googling, and not finding anything like this. Has anyone run into this, or have any suggestions?

If I could get back to the fsck failure, I could at least tell it to ignore /dev/sdb….


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  • m.roth@5-cent.us wrote:

    This is more complex… I have two drives in this system. I’ve got one that holds the CentOS 7 install, and one with 6.6. The one with the 7 is in hot swap bay 1, while the other’s in bay 2. With both of them in there, it goes to boot off what I would expect to be enumerated as hd1; instead, it seems to see it as hd0.

    When I pull out the drive with 6, 7 boots just fine. The drive with 6, of course, has grub, while the one with 7 has grub2.

    Any ideas as to how I can get it to work with the correct drive?


  • Of course this is stupid, but I would just tell grub2 write bootsector on the other drive. You may need to boot off DVD and chroot into CentOS7 for that. But think it over first as _my_ brain has melted and doesn’t work today.


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