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Please … any info on how to proceed???

After I made sure it had the correct sha256sum, and after I burned it to DVD, and and dd’d the DVD
back to a temp file and again checked the sha256sum of the temp file, all was OK. Same sha256sum.

So, I rebooted the machine and it booted up from the DVD. I got a message that it was not using VNC, Then after that immediately an error came out saying something about xbi…something not working. Machine did not proceed any further. I rebooted agian and agian, same error.

The machine is a Dell Latitude E6500, Dual Core 2.8GHz,

Any info on this?

On my phone, I have an image of the screen when the error is belched out. I have to yet be able to extract it out of the phone. Since I have no OS to run on my machine, I am using the live Knoppix, which has no sense to mount the storage of the android phone; so the I am unable to attach it, nor a way to upload it to a free upload site.

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  • I did see your post.

    So, even though the sha256sum was perfect on the iso file and on the DVD, it failed to install. I then used a usb flash drive and booted the flash drive to do the install. It also failed. The screen image I took with my camera can be viewed at https://www.sendspace.com/file/4828ej

    The questions I have are:
    why VNC ??? VNC is a horribly insecure protocol. Why would I want someone from outside viewing my installation?
    Why is the X server looking for display :1 ??
    I only have one display screen on the laptop, so the display is :0

    This is a horribly broken ISO spin.

  • I don’t recall seeing that you mentioned WHICH iso you downloaded…

    The reference to VNC looks to me as if it is kind of a last-ditch fallback.

  • Looked at your image.

    It appears the graphical installation failed to start. Did you read the text? Did you try the suggestion? I’ll retype it here:

    * if the graphical installation fails to start, try again with the
    inst.text bootoption to start text installation

    I suspect that for whatever reason, the graphical installer is failing on your laptop, probably because it doesn’t support your video card. Try the text-based installer. Sadly, laptops are so varied its quite often that the video hardware simply isn’t supported during install, and needs a 3rd-party driver to even work.

    Don’t get too excited about the VNC suggestion. Anaconda (the software performing the install) has the option to use VNC for a graphical install if you are installing a headless server. You’re just seeing anaconda log a comment that it wouldn’t be available since you didn’t configure networking in the anaconda boot options. So it’s not even trying it. You’re just seeing a verbose log entry.

  • Too dangerous!!!
    This is why:
    Forces the installation program to run in text mode instead of
    graphical mode.
    The text user interface is limited, for example,
    *it does not allow you to modify the partition layout* or set up LVM.