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Has anyone experienced any difficulties of getting the pre-installation script for CentOS 7 to run?

Regards, j

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  • pre-installation?

    hell, i can not get CentOS 7 to install on a bare drive. :-\

    looks like i am going to wait a few years for devs to get
    *all* the bugs out of 7 before i leave 6.6

  • On 2/9/2015 9:15 PM, g wrote:>

    I think the even numbers advice only applies to Star Trek movies.

    CentOS 7.3 will be usable, but 7.3.11 for Workgroups is where things will really take off.

  • The “even number” thing was coincidental and subjective, and pre-dates RHEL. If it was ever true, it hasn’t been true since 2002. It’s amazing how some bits of conventional wisdom persist LONG after they should be forgot.

  • Managed to figure this out. A peer of mine used windows to create the kickstart file. This made it hard for the installer to read it as there are nonprintable characters. After converting the kickstart file to unix format, the prescript started working.

    Thank you all.