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Hi, folks,

Fully updated 7.2 system. I installed the correct proprietary NVidia driver (the user’s expensive proprietary visualization software won’t run with nouveau), I’ve put nouveau.modeset=0
rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau on the kernel line for grub2, and even yum removed the nouveau driver and built a new initrd… which won’t boot, it seems to start and than does nothing, with a black screen, and this is just while booting, before it goes to graphical mode.

If I boot the as-built current initramfs, it loads nouveau, though one of the modules listed if I do lsmod | grep nou shows nvidia, in addition to nouveau.

So, in 7, what do I have to do to make nouveau go away? Is it as simple as creating an /etc/X11/xorg.conf, or…?


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  • John Hodrien wrote:
    Because I was looking late Friday afternoon, and had a vague memory that they’d dropped support for this card (the “newer” machine is only six or seven years old, as opposed to the 10-yr-old one tht died: this is your tax dollars at work, US citizens… and, btw, I see among the things this researcher’s working on is modelling the Zika virus….).

    I was busting butt to get him running; as it was, he couldn’t work over the weekend, and it took me until lunchtime to get him up and running for now (I *adore* NAC on the switches….).

    Now that he’s running, I just looked, and I see that the legacy 304
    kmod-nvidia driver should support it, so, next time he’s out for a day, I’ll try installing that.

    Thanks for the reminder.


  • simple

    I’m guessing the OP’s using Nvidias 3D-vision features, which at least over here never worked properly with the elrepo package.

  • “nvidia-detect” will tell you exactly what elrepo package to use. ;-)

    What’s the zika-guy using for modelling, the Schrodinger Suite?

  • over

    Now when you mention it, I’m not that sure… 8-S
    It’s been a while since I dabbled with those pesky drivers to enable the

    “01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF100GL [Quadro 4000]
    (rev a3)”

    Used a 3D-monitor as well as outputting the same 3D-image to a 3D-projector.

    The computer needing this was only able to output the 3D-image when we used the proprietary driver from Nvidia.

    I recall there were some issues enabling this on Windows 7 as well at the time, but that’s outside the scope of this list. 8-)