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I replaced my development machine with 6 cores, 32 GB etc.

I thought it would be simply inserting the existing HDDs and changing /etc/sysconfig/ifcfg-eth0 but,

* in the UEFI “BIOS” USB2 and USB3 work.

* in C5.11 USB2 works but USB3 does not.

* in C6.5 (my install disk; OS be updated to C6.8) USB2 works but USB3
does not.

On both C5 and C6 lsusb shows an entry for the plugged-in keyboard (USB2
socket) and for the wireless mouse (USB2 socket) but nothing else.

Please does anyone have any ideas how to solve this baffling time-consuming problem ?

Is is a UEFI (motherboard Asrock 970A-G/3.1) configuration matter or potentially the absence of a suitable USB3 driver for CentOS ?

Thank you.

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  • It is a bit confusing how you worded this. Are you saying that you have already installed 6.5 and fully updated it to 6.8?

    You’re probably not going to like my suggestion. Try CentOS 7.2 on this board and see what it finds.

    There comes a time in every EL release cycle where new hardware is no longer well-supported. CentOS 5 is way past that, and CentOS 6, while not as far past it is still too old to install on some of the newest hardware. Even CentOS 7 has issues with some of the newest hardware.

    You have the double-whammy of UEFI and a newer chipset. While CentOS
    6.8 can handily support USB3 on some hardware (been there, done that myself, with CentOS 6.5 if I recall on a Dell Latitude D830 with an ExpressCard XHCI (USB3) controller that worked great).

    You can of course try the ELrepo kernel-lt or kernel-ml packages, which provide the LongTerm or MainLine kernels packaged for CentOS.