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What’s the process for requesting minor enhancements to packages?

Currently, CentOS dovecot rpms ship w/o having tcp_wrappers enabled; to have dovecot compiled with tcp_wrappers requires adding one directive to the to the dovecot.spec file in the srpm.

If the directive isn’t there, then any dovecot upgrades via YUM/RPM
require first to have the RPMs recompiled before doing the upgrade.

Am I the only barking for this change, or could there be others?


Max Pyziur

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  • Am 13.04.2013 15:17, schrieb Max Pyziur:

    [ … ]

    You will have to file an RFE with upstream (Red Hat).


  • This could also be a change for the CentOSplus repo, similar to the modified Postfix packages already released by the project.

  • This becomes appealing and doable for me.

    To enable tcp_wrappers, all I did was add
    –with-libwrap \
    at the appropriate point in the .spec file.

    That suits me, but I suspect that a few other alterations to the spec file would be required to make sure the CentOSplus release is distinguishable
    (metadata and otherwise) from the standard CentOS 6 updates.

    Also, how do I build both x86_64 and i*86 rpms? Again, for my own purposes I only built x86_64 rpms.