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Hi Centos Team,

I was here the hard days in which CentOS 6 appeared would never appear, and then was CentOS 5.6 (maybe 5.7…do not remember well) that struggled to see the light and I was very afraid CentOS would not survive… but as I was worried in the past actually I’m very impressed of the speed of latest releases: what has changed? Just out of curiosity…

Thanks for your hard work and great product,

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  • I can’t speak to specifics, but I do know that upstream put a lot of
    effort into parring down what is in EL6. Their goal was to simplify and
    streamline support, and to allow them to focus on a smaller subset of
    tools to improve the support on those components still in the new release.

    If I were to guess, I would say that this clean-up and slim down did a
    lot to improve the performance, as well as reduce the supported code
    base to such a degree that they could more effectively improve quality
    and performance.

    My $0.02 guess.

  • Several things have changed (we finalized a new build system, we
    reworked the alert system to tell developers when a new packages are
    available, we have more people with access to build updates for all

    The bottom line for the 6.x series is that we had to develop an all new
    build system on all new machines. This build system had to use only 6.x
    machines (which did not yet exist). We also streamlined and automated
    the QA system with the help of the people listed in the bottom of the
    5.8 release notes. Quoting it here again:

    “We thank everyone involved for helping us produce this product and
    would like to specifically acknowledge the extra effort made by some
    very dedicated members of the QA Team. Fabian Arrotin, Akemi Yagi,
    Athmane Madjoudj, Manuel Wolfshant, Jeff Sheltren and Anssi Johansson
    were instrumental in enabling us to release 5.8 this quickly. ”

    I can also tell you that I see things getting better in the future.

  • Some weeks ago it occured to me that the CentOS announce was in my inbox
    before the corresponding announce from RedHat.
    Yes, I know how smtp works, but still…