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Dear CentOS Gurus

I have been using “” primarily to obtain two RPMs,
“lshw” and “flash-plugin”. I recently realized that “”
should not be used, as it has had no updates for a long long time. But, when I search for the RPMs within the repos:

the lshw program is nowhere to be found. I value its ability to inventory the hardware, and construct an attractive HTML page.

So, for each of these two programs,
– is there a repo I can add that would cover what I need
– is there an alternate program in the case of lshw

This applies no only to CentOS 6 (32 & 64), but also CentOS 7.


4 thoughts on - Finding Lshw And Flash-plugin Or Alternates

  • david wrote:

    CentOS 7, just updated:
    yum list lshw Available Packages lshw.x86_64 B.02.17-12.el7 base

    Have you tried just yum install lshw?


  • I’m seeing lshw 64 in base for both -6 and -7

    lshw.x86_64 B.02.17-4.el6 base
    lshw-gui.x86_64 B.02.17-4.el6 base

    lshw.x86_64 B.02.17-12.el7 base
    lshw-gui.x86_64 B.02.17-12.el7 base

    Now that they are doing development on the linux version again, I use the Adobe repo at:

    for my flash plugin (on -7).

  • At 01:44 PM 3/1/2017, you wrote:

    What can I say. Sometimes the fingers on the keyboard outpace the brain.
    “DUH” :-)


  • I’m not sure about CentOS-6, but for CentOS-7, lshw seems to be in the base repo. Flash can be gotten directly from Adobe’s site, you can either get the yum repo or just download the latest rpm and use rpm -Uvh on it.

    Looking at, it seems that lshw is also in the base reop for CentOS-6x.