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I am currently building the latest Firefox updates and I have noticed that they have upgraded the CentOS-7 Firefox from the ESR tree (45.8) to the mainline tree (Currently firefox-52.0). They have left EL5 and EL6
at the ESR level (45.8.0-2).


EL5 and EL6:

As stated above, I am currently building and testing these, so they are not yet released .. just preparing people for the changes.

Thanks, Johnny Hughes

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  • Hi, Johnny,

    Johnny Hughes wrote:
    In your testing, you might test the situation I posted yesterday: CentOS
    7.3, current firefox, most recent flash-plugin (1 Mar). In one tab, using noscript, I enabled youtube and googlevideo. It affected a *separate*
    firefox window, opened from the firefox file menu. The video played, and went to play something else. I closed the tab, which is the *only* place that youtube was enabled. Instead, it kept playing. I actually shut down firefox altogether… and it kept playing. It didn’t stop until I brought up firefox again, opened the original tab, and disabled youtube there.
    *Then*, and only then, did it stop playing.


  • It is currently also the main version for Linux .. at least that is what the main firefox site wanted me to upgrade to.

  • My only testing makes sure it works like the one in RHEL .. We don’t make technical changes to our RPMs.

  • I am sure it will, certainly when version 45 goes EOL.

    The variables and content to build it on EL6 are in the current EL7
    SRPM, but the EL5 stuff is (understandably, since it is going EOL soon)

    What I am not sure of is if EL7 will stay on the Current Release for the next update or if it will shift back to ESR.

  • Eh?? There is a slight misunderstanding here.

    The Firefox 52.0 Version is released for BOTH, the normal release channel AND the ESR channel. This was done to have one 6 week periode of overlapp between the old and the new ESR version, to “ease over” the transistion, as the 52 version insists on GKT3 and gstreamer 1.x normally.

    At this point in time there are TWO ESR releases:
    the 45.8.0esr AND the 52.0esr
    (Last-Modified: Mon, 06 Mar 2017 16:34:18 GMT)

    (Last-Modified: Mon, 06 Mar 2017 16:32:42 GMT)

    So, if you go for 52, make sure the get the “channel” right
    (esr, not release)

    Pure personal opinion on 52 is still out, I’m not that hyped, some of my
    ‘beloved’ extensions / addons are no longer working on 52 vs 45.

    – Yamaban.

  • Johnny Hughes wrote:

    Not quite sure what you mean – the current EL7 firefox 52.0 uses the Mozilla Firefox 52.0 ESR source …

    James Pearson

  • This is the point that worries me. If ESR 52.x requires GTK3, then how can it be supported on CentOS 6?

  • They will include it and build it as part of firefox. They already build and use a new gcc (4.8) and other new things (binutils, yasm) in EL6 to build the current firefox there.

    I’m sure they will add in things they need and include them in the built RPMs as required.

  • Right .. Mozilla released 52.0 as ESR and Mainline at the same time. I
    didn’t realize they did it that way.

    Red Hat moved EL7 to 52.0 and kept EL6 and EL5 back at 45.8.0 .. both are now active ESR releases by Mozilla.

  • For the record, I just checked and the released SRPM for EL7 has the proper variables and sources and actually builds on EL6. It uses gtk2
    from el6 to build.

    They obviously felt more comfortable instead released the older one on EL6 this cycle, but I suspect that the newer 52.x ESR version will be released during the next cycle.