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I’ve read reports that there has been degradation in Internet traffic over the last month. Until today, I haven’t experienced any. However, getting bank record data from chase.com here in NYC seems impossible.

I also noticed erratic ftp behavior today; connections can be made but data can’t be transferred. This isn’t consistent, though.

(I have a machine in LA while being in NYC; ftp traffic is difficult to establish westbound; no problem eastbound).

I haven’t done any sort of consistent test, so I am not sounding alarms. I’m just trying to get a sense of where this is happening. And is there a reliable source of information.

Much thanks

Max Pyziur pyz@brama.com

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  • /me trying not to laugh…

    Yeah, there have been some problems over the last couple of weeks. You might review this list for the DNS thread. Seems that SpamHaus and Cyberbunker got into a pissing contest with some of the Cyberbunker sympathizers (not I) directing a DDoS attack against them exploiting open DNS resolvers around the net to the tune of upwards of 300Gbps against Spamhaus.

    Might check out the Internet Health Report here:


    Pretty much everything looks reasonable. Nothing red. No major congestion, ATM.

    Regards, Mike

  • What do you mean by “getting bank record data” ?

    Every major US bank is under a constant DoS attack, which sometimes causes the sites to be slow. This is unrelated to the little squabble going on between SpamHaus and CyberBunker, though.

    I’m in NJ and able to contact servers in Fremont, Dallas, NYC and Amsterdam without any issue. I suspect you have local issues.