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Today’s ghostscript.x86_64 0:8.70-21.el6_8.1 update causes evince to refuse to display any postscript file. Running evince from a terminal session, I see the errors:

invalidaccess -7
invalidaccess -7
invalidaccess -7

** (evince:1252): WARNING **: Error rendering thumbnail

Downgrading to ghostscript.x86_64 0:8.70-21.el6 corrects the problem.

Anyone else seeing this?

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  • Yes, it looks like evince is not working for .ps files on my system running fully up to date CentOS 6.8. Three years ago, a .pdf version of this file was created and it still displays as it should using evince.

    [user@computer Documents]$ evince &
    [1] 9865
    [user@computer Documents]$ invalidaccess -7
    invalidaccess -7

    ** (evince:9865): WARNING **: Error rendering thumbnail invalidaccess -7
    invalidaccess -7

    [1]+  Done                    evince
    [user@computer Documents]$

    Yes. I’m seeing it too. CentOS 6.8 with all updates applied.

    Matt Phelps System Administrator, Computation Facility Harvard – Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics,

  • Other Distros (e.g. SUSE) had the same problem.

    In most cases it was caused by a “fix” in the file:


    in the “/.locksafe {” segment, a “.forceput” was misplaced.

    If you compare this file between the two ghostscript versions, it should become visible.

    – Yamaban