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Hi All,

Is that possible create a http tunnel to remote http tunnel server via a middle http proxy?

Here is my situation :
My Company only allow http protocol and they created a http proxy server. So when we want to access internet we have to set the http proxy settings for the browser or application.

Now I want to access outside without restrictions of http protocol and also not limited to 80 port. As they blocked the ssh, so the SSH reverse binding is not possible.
So is that possible to create a http tunnel via the http proxy of my company and aim to my own server outside?
Or there is any other good idea? Thank you very much.

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  • The best idea would be to talk to the system administration department at your company and get them to set something up for you to meet your needs.

    Trying to do an end-run around their security setup will probably not be well received.

  • Hi all,

    Sorry, I misunderstood the parameters of the httptunnel, for referenced
    : actually I can use the http proxy to create a tunnel to my own tunnel server. The parameter -P can do this. Oh, Frank, Thank you.
    As security purpose and our company too big, they rejected our request to open the port or protocol. So I should try the http tunnel firstly from the httptunnel manual should be worked. If still can not I think I will use a usb broadband and change the route tables to bridge internet and our intranet.

    Thank you.

  • Heng Su wrote:

    First, Heng Su, please stop top posting.

    Second, I don’t suppose we’ll see you post here much longer, if you do that – since they *will* find this, I’d expect that your being fired is coming really soon….


  • Which also means they won’t think twice about firing you if you are caught subverting their security policies – and rightly so.

    Bypassing firewalls in a way that can route into the corporate network is a particularly horrible thing to do, security wise and could lead to you being blamed for any kind of intrusion, related or not.

  • Frank Cox wrote:

    “Not be well received” can be translated as a visit from your manager, security, or an HR person to escort you out of the building, permanently.