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Decided to upgrade to 7.x.

It’s been a good ride 6.x, but you’re living in the past.

Everything is backed up, just waiting on my new 4TB HD to arrive for a fresh install.

See ya’ll on the other side!!

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  • I just built a brand new CentOS 7 machine for a friend this weekend. I
    did a net install. All went well once I figured my way through the installer. It took me a while to find the button that I need to click to turn on the network connection.

    ^ ^ Mark LaPierre Registered Linux user No #267004

  • Actually, I’ve been running a CentOS 7 vm for a couple months now on a 6.8 system with no problems. Just been scared to do a fresh install because it can’t be upgraded from 6.8.

    I’m saving the old HD just in case I need to revert back.

    This will be the first time in 20 yrs that I’ll try ‘custom’ partitioning. I’ve always gone the default route. I want to setup extra space/partition for backups until I can build a stand alone NAS.

    I hope all my config files in 6.8 work in 7.3.

  • 6.8
    partitioning. I’ve config Thanks for the heads up and link.

    I don’t really do anything special with apache except for my test website that use a .htaccess file to rewrite for seo urls.

    I am more concerned with mail and dns. Fail2ban wasn’t an easy setup getting rules to work. Then there’s iptables and ipset.

    Hope I can hit the ground running.