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Hi all,

Is there any way to get a CentOS 7 ISO with the CentOSplus kernel? I
have some very old hardware I’d like to keep going if easy, but it has old NVidia network cards that need the forcedeth driver. Apparently this driver is now in the CentOSplus kernel, but if I use the default ISO I won’t be able to get on the network to get the CentOSplus kernel.
(Of course I can get the kernel to the machine in other ways, but over the network is by far the most convenient.)

See for more details. I’ve done other web searches but found nothing more specific than this link.



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  • Hi Johnny, Akemi,

    This sounds fairly easy; I’ll try it next time I’m nearby (I only get to our data center every few weeks). There’s a filesystem I’m not erasing for this install, so I can put the rpm there before I start putting C7 on it.

    For a server of this ”vintage” trying to roll my own driver disk (or even asking someone else to) might be more work than I’m willing to put in.

    Thanks for the suggestions!


  • One other possibility is to ask ELRepo to provide a driver disk for the forcedeth driver. Then you’ll be able to do the install using the dd= option.


  • I tried to create a new Everything ISO using the Plus kernel-plus instead of kernel .. I got a bootable ISO, but anaconda keeps erroring out without kernel and with kernel-plus in the repo.

    I don’t see an easy way to make this work.

    If you are physically near the machine, just plugging in and mounting a thumb drive with the said RPMs copied to it and doing:

    yum install

    Should work

  • Just for the record, I was able to attempt this today. The only two minor problems I had was that yum complained about being unable to reach the network (since the kernel didn’t have the forcedeth driver that make sense) and rpm complaining about slightly old packages for dracut, linux-firmware, xfsprogs, and one more I don’t remember (my install DVD
    was a little old). Using rpm –nodeps -i worked fine, after a reboot my ancient box was on the network, and I was able to yum update from there.

    Thanks for your help on this!