Is Anyone Using C7 In Production Yet? (sssd, Nss-pam-ldapd, Kerberos, Etc)

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Hi all,

Is anyone using C7 in production with LDAP and kerberos?

Currently all of my machines run C5 or C6 with nss-pam-ldapd or nss_ldap, with kerberos and pam_krb5 for authentication.

Before I fire up a test VM (is it even worth it?) I wanted to check feedback from the community.



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  • nss-pam-

    We tested it a few months ago, and decided to wait a little while more until we roll it out.

    Most of the test users weren’t too happy with the new desktop environment.

  • I did, but didn’t feel it was worth the extra hassle. Besides, I was never able to make Mate sticky, i.e. after each logout C7
    reverted to the default DE for the user, whatever I did. Same thing with KDE. Go figure. After several tests and failures, I just left it at that.

    Maybe that bug(?) has been fixed by now.

  • I’ve not seen that, I use MATE on C7 and it always comes up in MATE.

    don’t know, I’ve done that since one of the early betas, and never saw that problem.

  • Weird.

    After I tried it on a test machine, I did the same basic install on several VMs (using Virtualbox). Same thing there. And same thing whether it was a root user or a regular.

    If I can find the time, I’ll give another go on a brand SFF-desktop. The other physical test computer was an OEM, in case that would matter.

  • yum remove gnome-classic-session gnome-session-xsession

    That removes the gnome-classic.desktop, gnome-custom-session.desktop and gnome.desktop files from the /usr/share/xsessions directory without affecting any gnome or gtk programs. All that’s left in that directory now is mate.desktop, no choices show up on the gdm login screen, mate is the default and only available desktop.

  • Without wanting to be too provocative, I am running Fedora 21 on a workstation and Fedora 20 on a laptop. I can’t see myself ever running an OS based on either of these for a server. It’s about that whole ******d thing.

    But at least sssd works, despite the poor desktop environment ;-)

    Thanks guys