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With this post, I run the risk of causing more of the thing that I speak against. I still think it’s important to say it.

CentOS mailing list is a technical forum. It is not a political forum.

Just reading a thread on bitcoins and the entire thread quickly turned into a political thread with people bitching about everything from Chase Bank to the Russians, and that’s just crap. Wildly inappropriate. If you don’t like Bitcoins, you should just not reply because you aren’t going to use the Bitcoin software.

This is a forum to discuss CentOS and issue about CentOS, using CentOS, building desirable software on CentOS, and the like.

If you want to bitch about Chase bank, go to or something where you can weigh in your heartfelt opinions in a forum where you don’t just piss off everybody else there.


3 thoughts on - Keep The Politics Out, Please?

  • I understand your point.

    I was just offering a bitcoin spec file for those who wanted it, no politics in that post, and was met with resistance I suppose I shouldn’t have responded to. No rants about the fiat banking system in my original post.

    Bitcoin building on CentOS without needing an alternate TLS library installed is new, so really that is all I wanted to do was provide a well written spec file for those interested in it.

  • I would say that your contributions to this list are entirely justified. Thanks, and I’m sorry for the abusive treatment you received. It was unwarranted.


  • The post from a disgruntled member of the public is longer than the original thread. I wonder if this was worth the effort.