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I have a laptop which i am using temporarily as a test server. It is permanently plugged in. It is running CentOS 6, command line only. In the past, I could close the lid, thereby turning off the display, but not turning off the machine. It remained running indefinitely.

A recent update (this past week) changed that behavior. Now, when I
close the lid, the laptop turns itself off within an hour.

A google search talks about tools like “upower” and apcitool, but a
“yum search” does not locate them.

Is there a way to revert back to the previous behavior?



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  • At 07:16 AM 3/2/2017, Leon Fauster wrote:
    Yes, lots of stuff just in case I want to run a GUI for giggles. The gnome stuff was present even with the earlier behavior. Is there some setting I can adjust?


  • At a guess that’s the Automatic Suspend option.

    In the GUI. Go to Settings. Then Power. Scroll to the bottom. Click on
    ‘Automatic Suspend’. You get a popup. Make sure “Plugged In” is set to off.

    There is probably a corresponding gsettings option that you could hunt down.

    Hope this helps.

  • a laptop makes a nice 24/7/365 server.

    using ‘extend battery pack’ or ‘oem’ pack?

    you need a battery manager/monitor program to set up lid switch.

    or use a ‘script’ to switch.

    any settings in bios config?

    yum knows where to ‘look for what’ in directory /etc/yum.repos.d

    have a look at:
    then read:

    get a battery manager, do not ‘roll back’.

    oem manual?