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My bosses are running into an issue, where we type “ls” on a nfs mounted filesystem, and files that are there are not listed… I thought it was pilot error until my big boss showed me…

but we can vi the files, we can access them via other means if we know the name. Then once we have accessed them, LS now shows the files.

We are running CentOS 6.5, we are accessing them via xwin-32 (which should not be the issue)….

I looked on google and found nothing discussing this…of course this has nothing to do with hidden files (dot in front) because once we access the files we can see them.

Thanks Dan

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  • More specifically, it sounds like a client-side caching issue. I’ve seen this happen on linux clients if I’m *really* fast on the trigger.


  • So how do I fix it.

    We actually have a widespread problem with files and directories
    “disappearing”… as it is one user in particular it might be pilot error, but it might be this. Because this is happening to two competent users.

  • If it is in fact client-side, you have to fix the client. If these are Windows NFS clients then I am not much help. Perhaps the maintainers of the NFS client software have heard of this issue.

    If you have Samba already set up, it might be interesting to see if the issue shows up there too. If it does, then it may not be a client-side issue. If it doesn’t happen under Samba then it’s more likely to be client-side NFS.


  • No it is not windows FS, this is a Hitachi Storage array managed by RedHat storage nodes.

    How do I clear client side NFS without a reboot
    (sorry about the cross post)

    For server side, it is simple service nfs restart. But it looks like redhat/CentOS no longer has a nfs client service.