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hi guys, gals

do you know if conversion from lvm’s raid10 to raid0 is possible?
I’m fiddling with –splitmirrors but it gets me nowhere. On “takeover” subject man pages says: “..between striped/raid0 and raid10.”” but no details, nowhere I could find documentation, nor a howto.

many thanks, L.

One thought on - Lvconvert(split) – Raid10 => Raid0

  • Pulling (the correct) half of the HDDs would yield a degraded RAID10
    array which is essentially the same disk layout as a RAID 0 array. Unfortunately I have no experience with RAID level migration using LVM
    to tell you the correct commands to do so in a supported manner. When converting from RAID1 to RAID0, I believe you’d typically use lvconvert with the -m0 option. For example, the following command would remove sdc from lvol1:
        lvconvert -m0 vg/lvol1 /dev/sdc

    Perhaps the command would be similar to break a RAID10 mirror(which is typically created using the -m1 option like a RAID1 array)? This RedHat page has some good info for RH7 LVM raid adminstration:


    lejeczek wrote on 10/17/2017 7:31 AM: