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Hi all,

I have what might be a foolish question about patching packages. I am not sure exactly how to phrase the question, so please follow up if it seems as though I’m not being clear. I was looking at this bug which my machines are currently experiencing:

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  • You may want to check this out:`87

    My understanding is that “There is no side effect other than the load. There are not performance issues with the ailds behaving like this.”
    Is this not the case ?

    The wiki article:

    may not be quite up-to-date in that it does not reflect the kernel version for CentOS 6 (2.6.32). But the principle is there. For building your own modules, you can also download one of the kmod packages from ELRepo and study how it’s done.


  • As far as I can tell, it is. I actually prompted Dave’s quoted comment on the XFS list:

    So this would be a low priority task for me (as well as a learning exercise). If the patch were two lines I probably wouldn’t bother. ;-)
    It is 99.5% cosmetic, but I have noticed that the ”baseline” load, when there is no I/O, varies between 3 and 4, which makes it very slightly more difficult to interpret the load. That is my main motivation for bothering–if the baseline were more stable I probably wouldn’t bother. (With fewer XFS filesystems mounted the issue is even less obvious.)

    Perfect, thank you! If people are interested, and I do make the attempt, I will post my results.


  • I thought about applying the patch to the CentOSplus kernel but decided not to bother because it looked like a “non-issue”. But it you think it’s worth the fix, that can be done. It will be even better if you supply the actual patch for the CentOS kernel.


  • I looked at the patch again — it was apparently not for the 6.3
    kernel and I was not 100% sure about applying it at that time. But now with the 6.4 kernel, it cleanly applies.

    While not serious, some users are finding this bug to be problematic when monitoring the stats. I will include the fix in the next plus kernel update.


  • That’s great, thanks! I’ll keep my eye on the repo.

    In previous versions, the CentOSplus additions were documented in a readme file at the top level of the CentOSplus directory. Are there similar docs for CentOS 6? I checked the wiki and the ftp sites but didn’t find anything yet.


  • That’s perfect. It seems completely reasonable to suggest to people who want to fix this issue to use the CentOSplus kernel when it comes out instead; I don’t see anything that would block most systems from deploying it. Of course I will still try it on a non-critical system first. :)


  • At least for CentOS 6 it looks like the new CentOSplus kernel is out. Thanks Akemi! I have it running on a test box, and it looks like it properly addresses the XFS aild issue. If you want to address this issue and don’t feel like managing dkms, it might be worth your while to test out the CentOSplus kernel on your own machines.