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While playing an audio in totem, the mate desktop crashed.

I couldn’t switch to a console like I use to be able to do with ctrl-alt-F{n} – seems that is gone is from CentOS.

I couldn’t open a terminal by right clicking on the desktop.

I was able to open a folder, navigate to /usr/bin and open gnome-terminal that way and issue the shutdown command.

Since switching to virtual consoles no longer seems to work, what is the proper way to deal with rebooting a system when the window manager with all its menus crashes?

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  • It’s not a CentOS issue. I’ve just switched ctrl-alt-F4 and back whilst running 7.2.1511 (updated last night). I’m running gnome though, so it could be a mate problem.


  • Just tried and it works on my laptop. Must be the Apple Pro keyboard I
    have on my desktop – really nice keyboard to type on, but it must not map that the same way.