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I’m watching a couple of mirrors catch up with the 7.1 release and am noticing some churn on the .iso images.

It appears that new -01.iso versions are coming downstream while some of the mirrors apparently were getting different .iso images. The
-01.iso versions look to be significantly larger than the previous non-01.iso versions (the -Minimal .iso appears to have gone from 560M
to 630M for -01.iso).

I’m not downloading the larger .iso image so don’t know the actual content, but the md5/sha files also changed and some of the mirrored
-01.iso versions appear to have different sizes (actually from the timestamps it looks like the non-01.iso versions might have been renamed -01.iso before being replaced with newer content).

What is the difference between the non-01.iso versions and the -01.iso versions? Is this what we can expect with the monthly rebuilds?

For tracability reasons, I don’t like seeing different .iso images at different times. We really need to see consistent content on the distribution mirrors.

Some of this may still be churn and one mirror may have run out of disk space (or otherwise be waiting for manual intervention).


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  • I now see an announcement on the CentOS-announce list which explains most/all of what I was seeing last night.