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I have movie player installed on CentOS 6. When I try to play an mp3 file, it complains about the lack of a codec, mpeg-1 something 3. google hasn’t helped. What package do I need?
Trying to install ffmpeg gets me a no such package message.

I’ve dealt with codec issues before. Mostly what I remember is that before I was done, I wanted to kill something.

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  • For various legal reasons, I don’t think CentOS can include various codecs.

    However, if you add the nux repos, you can then install mplayer and be able to play mp3s.

    (There are probably other programs, you can install ffmpeg from source, and so on, but installing mplayer from the nux repos is probably the easiest workaround. Or mpv if it’s available, I’m not sure if it is.)

  • Fedora apparently now allows mp3 decoders but not encoders.

    If movie player is totem – it is GStreamer based and you can buy the fluendo plugins and they works well and are fairly cheap.

  • In that case the extra gstreamer plugins in EPEL should probably be updated to build the libmad plugin, as libmad-devel should be available to.

    The libmad gstreamer plugin should allow any gstreamer based application to decode mp3