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I need neighbour discovery rpm for ipv6 on CentOS 6.2 any pointer. Actually I am able to find out RHEL 5/CentOS 5 but could not locate CentOS 6 compatible RPM.

Thanks, Norah Jones

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  • what rpm is that ? neighbour discovery is a feature of the underlaying network stack and justworks in ipv6

  • It is important to understand that neighbor discovery depends on certain IPV6 ping packets not being blocked to work correctly.

    From RFC 4890
    4.4.1. Traffic That Must Not Be Dropped

    Error messages that are essential to the establishment and
    maintenance of communications:

    o Destination Unreachable (Type 1) – All codes
    o Packet Too Big (Type 2)
    o Time Exceeded (Type 3) – Code 0 only
    o Parameter Problem (Type 4) – Codes 1 and 2 only

    Connectivity checking messages:

    o Echo Request (Type 128)
    o Echo Response (Type 129)

    As discussed in Section 4.3.1, dropping connectivity checking
    messages will prevent the firewall being the destination of a Teredo
    tunnel and it is not considered necessary to disable connectivity
    checking in IPv6 networks because port scanning is less of a security

    There are a number of other sets of messages that play a role in
    configuring the node and maintaining unicast and multicast
    communications through the interfaces of a node. These messages must
    not be dropped if the node is to successfully participate in an IPv6
    network. The exception to this is the Redirect message for which an
    explicit policy decision should be taken (see Section 4.4.4).

    Address Configuration and Router Selection messages:

    o Router Solicitation (Type 133)
    o Router Advertisement (Type 134)
    o Neighbor Solicitation (Type 135)
    o Neighbor Advertisement (Type 136)
    o Inverse Neighbor Discovery Solicitation (Type 141)
    o Inverse Neighbor Discovery Advertisement (Type 142)